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Official team 2014/15

Official team 2014/15


Cristiano Ronaldo: A Summary

”To score four goals is very difficult. Thanks to my teammates for passing me the ball so I can score. The matchball is for my son. My future is here at Real Madrid. I feel comfortable here and it makes no sense to speculate.
Iker Casillas and Keylor Navas are the two best goalkeepers in La Liga and the debate is already over. The public will realize that Iker is a very important player for Real Madrid who gives his all. He’s a great player and we are very happy with him.”
 -  Cristiano interview after the Elche game(x)

Cristiano Roanldo 2014

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how to watch champions league matches


how to watch champions league matches

Cristiano roanldo in champions league with Real madrid: Games: 52 | Goals: 53 | Assists: 12 

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Most goals in UEFA Champions league history[71] Raul [68] Cristiano ronaldo [67] Messi [56] Van Nisterlooy [50] Henry [48] Chevchenko .

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UEFA Champions League Anthem -
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TAG Heuer | Ronaldo and Button Don’t Crack Under Pressure (x)

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